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Ice cream moulds production, Aicaf italian leading manufacturer for industrial ice cream mould.

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Our Mission in manufactur high professional quality metal mould for ice cream for large productions in the food industry, capable of working several years round the clock under stressful thermic and corrosive conditions. We cooperate fully with the technical staff of our customers to enhance their food productions, offering reliable and well-tried solutions on the score of our long and sound experience.

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Since 1973, AICAF produces ice cream metal moulds for the food industry, supplying core tools for today’s food manufacturing. Our metal moulds are employed with widely used machines; they are carefully designed and tested for endurance. We offer: Expertise Reliability Large experience

Moulds for any rotary and linear plant for stick ice-cream, exclusive models based on customer designs, stainless steel anti-corrosion moulds with tested thermic shock resistance, long life and reliability under any working conditions.

Ice cream moulds for Rollo and Ria rotary machines and for linear machines, maximum reliability of materials and weldings, maximum anticorrosion resistance, maximum thermic stress resistance.

Materials and production techniques are well-tested since 1973 through use in round the clock work cycles.

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